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Who does Lauderdale Glass & Mirror sell to?

We sell and do a lot of business with a variety of architects, contractors and designers, but also help many homeowners with residential décor. Whether you are a homeowner looking to improve the appearance of your bathroom or living space, or a contractor needing materials to finish a project, we can provide just what you need. Contact us for a free estimate!

What services do you offer?

Our highly experienced team can provide you with a wide variety of services vary from shower door installation, to mirrors, to glass back splashes – but installation is just the beginning! The Lauderdale Glass & Mirror staff includes artisans and designers that can create personalized pieces for your space, such as back painting and glass etching.

How do I keep my glass clean?

If you want your glass pieces to stay sparkling clean, clean them every other week; you can use whatever glass cleaner you prefer, but we recommend avoiding cleaners containing ammonia. Rather than letting your glass air dry, use a lint-free cloth to wipe dry. Another quality glass-cleaning solution is a mixture of 1 cup vinegar to 1 gallon water (add more vinegar for more stubborn spots).

What is the standard size for a shower door?

While there really is no standard, the most common frameless shower doors in the market today are 28” wide by 80” tall. However, we can custom make your shower door to fit the desired size.

What is the difference between a frameless and a semi-frameless shower door?

A semi-frameless shower door has metal framing around the entire glass unit, but when the door is open, the only metal frame is on the hinged side of the door. A frameless shower door has no metal around the glass. Lauderdale Glass & Mirror has a unique top and bottom pivot hinge system for shower doors – the wall side of the stationary panel is the only side with a metal frame, while the rest is frameless.

What is the advantage of the pivot hinge on a shower door?

Using our pivot hinge versus the traditional wall-mount hinge is shown throughout the door’s life. Only two holes are required for installing the pivot hinge, rather than the four holes required for the traditional hinge, and installing a wall-mount hinge presents a higher risk of tile cracking and drilling a misaligned hole.
Once the door is installed, a pivot hinge allows for a smoother swing, as the door rests upon the hinge. A wall-mount hinge places the weight of the door on the wall, and could cause damage over time, requiring more maintenance and repair.

In addition, pivot hinges are at the top and bottom of the door, remaining out of sight. If you truly want a frameless look, a pivot hinge will allow you to achieve just that.

What is ShowerGuard Glass?

ShowerGuard is a completely different type of glass that is protected with an ion beam process, protecting it during manufacturing. It provides a sort of “seal” over the glass surface, so you will notice you having to clean your glass less and less! It also comes with a 10-year warranty, so you know you will have beautiful glass for years to come.

What is Starphire Glass?

While the regular, clear glass you are familiar with has a greenish hue to it, Starphire glass is far clearer due to less quantities of iron. If you want a step above regular glass, Starphire is a more appealing, yet still affordable, option for you.

Will my shower door leak without gaskets on the side?

When your frameless shower door is installed, we will be sure it is as close as possible to the walls or glass panels using our pivot hinge, making gaskets unnecessary. However, we know that ever shower is different, so if we feel a gasket is needed, such as in the case that tiles aren’t flat or a body spray is pointed toward the gap, we will be honest with you and let you know depending on your unique situation.

What is tempered glass?

Any glass used for a shower will be tempered glass, a safety glass made using thermal or chemical treatments in order to make it stronger. These treatments also mean if the glass broke, it would be broken down into small granular pieces rather than larger, more dangerous shards. Shelving and table tops made with glass are generally not made of tempered glass; since you come into contact with your shower door more frequently, you want it to be stronger and safer.

Can glass be used for a kitchen backsplash?

Absolutely! This is an increasingly popular trend in homes today. Glass backsplashes look nice and neat and eliminate grout lines. Skilled glass experts at Lauderdale Glass & Mirror are able to create difference colors, patterns and texture inside the glass with etching, carving and painting techniques. These same techniques also work for counter tops, vanity tops, walls, ceilings, mirrors, floors and more – whatever your style, we can make it happen!

Can I walk into your showroom to schedule a consultation?

We are currently in the process of creating our beautiful showroom here in Fort Lauderdale. Please stay tuned for our grand opening!