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Lauderdale Glass and Mirror offers residential, interior glass solutions from shower doors to hanging mirrors, and even glass walls. We are also proud to offer the same great, full commercial services as well! Since we produce custom work and unique solutions, there are no limitations to our creative design. Don’t settle for a cookie cutter shower door or other product that you hope will match your vision. We will produce work that is tailored to your home or business design including hand crafted, custom painted and carved glass detailing.

There are many project options, including, but not limited to:

Shower Doors

  • Frameless
  • Semi-Frameless
  • Traditional Sliding Enclosures
  • Operable & Stationary Splash Panels


  • Custom Decorative Mirrors
  • Framed Mirrors
  • Mirrored Walls
  • Simple and Basic Bathroom Mirrors
  • Fitness Rooms
  • Mirrors Around Fireplaces
  • Mirrors On, Above, Around, Below and In Between Just About Anything You can Imagine

Custom Painted and Carved Glass

  • Glass Vanities
  • Glass Backsplashes
  • Shower Doors
  • Glass Rails
  • Glass Wall Art
  • Literally No Limitations to What We Can Paint and Carve

Glass Stair Rail Systems

Glass Walls

  • Interior Entry Doors
  • Room Dividers
  • Wine Cellars


Table Tops

Commercial Interior Glass Applications

  • Office Space
  • Glass Signage

Services We Offer

  • Glass and Mirror Installation
  • Glass Sandblasting and Etching on New or Existing Glass and Mirrors
  • Design Consultations
  • Glass Painting

If you don’t see the specific need you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to call Lauderdale Glass and Mirror to find out if we can assist you.

Shower Doors

We consider ourselves experts who specialize in the production and installation of shower doors. Our team has experience with many types of shower doors including frameless, semi-frameless, sliding, and custom elements. Our team can assist you in determining the right shower door for your bathroom, budget, and design needs.   

Frameless 3-Piece Enclosure

We custom cut all of our shower doors. This ensures an exact and perfect fit for the opening in your bathroom. Our successful CGM Pivot Hinge System also eliminates the need for vinyl gaskets that you typically will find on other shower enclosures.

Traditional Sliding Unit

A traditional sliding unit is a great option for a contemporary look in your bathroom. This style of shower door will fit a bathroom of any size. You may even choose a shower door with a towel bar for convenience and function. Sliding Units have come a long way from the traditional bypass units of the past.  We offer an array of sliding enclosures that offer glass from 3/8” to even 1/2″ glass with no header systems required!

Operable Splash Panel for a Tub

A tub splash panel is a simple and very affordable bathroom option. Even though it does not provide a full enclosure, it separates the bathing area from the rest of the bathroom. These panels are fabricated for the purpose of getting little to no water outside the tub or shower stall, and they provide a clean, modern look with no bottom track attached to the tub itself!

  • Frameless glass shower door enclosing his and her steam shower
  • Glass Wall Partition
  • Curved glass shower enclosure and door
  • Curved glass shower enclosure
  • Glass Wine Cellar
  • Frameless Steam Shower
  • Frameless glass door panel and return
  • Sliding frosted glass door